ELITE WECI Institute is a Professional TEFL Training Institute, providing quality English Language Training by qualified and experienced native speaker instructors. 

ELITE was established in 1990, and has been proudly serving the Thailand community for 30 years. 

Additionally, we have contracts with schools throughout Thailand for teacher placement.


ELITE WECI TEFL HUA HIN'S mission is to bring to the international teaching community quality TEFL English language training courses at a realistic price.


We provide opportunities for TEFL students who want to learn how to teach English with a comfortable, affordable, well-resourced environment in which to do so.

MOE Excellent Quality Award -

The Thai Ministry of Education introduced a new rigorous assessment and ranking program in 2009 for private institutes of education.


WECI HUA HIN has been assessed every three years and has achieved the “Award for Excellent Quality” every time (2009, 2012, 2015).


This award reminds us of the high standards we strive to meet in our educational programs.